NYC Away - Oh what a night!

Football is the opera for the people. - Stafford Heginbotham

How do you being to describe a waking dream to someone? I'm trying to do that right now but I'm finding it hard to find the words. So I'll do my best to tell you how a 5-0 away win to help your club seal a 7-0 two-legged win was the best night ever. The following were my thoughts as best I could remember them as the goals went in. 

Beyond being one of the best nights in the history of Toronto FC on the pitch, it was a special night for TFC supporters in the stands. At the start of the night, over 300 reds braved the hole that is Yankme Stadium with the hope that TFC would come out with a positive response.

What we supporters got a quick goal, and another moment of brilliance from Seba. To watch the turn he made live was something magical, because as soon as he did you knew he was going to score. Everyone in the away section knew, everyone around us wearing city blue knew as well. Goal one in, and you're flying now. The little girl NYCFC fan beside you who could be no older than ten is giving you death eyes. Is this going to be a great night? or is that old TFC feeling creeping in?


12 minutes later - PENALTY! Seba...2-0. My god is this happening? Two up in less than 20 minutes..amazing...still getting 10-year-old death eyes...slightly creeped out now. 

10 minutes later - Oh lord, what did my eyes just see? Jozy..rocket..didn't see it coming. I'm in dreamland. 3-0 in half an hour, the tie is over, we can have fun now. 

2 minutes later - Is this a library?

15 minutes later - It halftime, little miss death eyes has buggered off and I'm in for a fresh pint. There is no way this half could have gone any better. Wait, who's this? Oso's grand dad is in the section with us? Awesome! A 3-nil win is a great result to take home...damn this beer line is f*@king long!

5 minutes after the restart - What a horrib...oh Will's in...Oso!!!!! FOUR! Where's Oso's pop pop? Damn he missed the goal?

1 minute later - Dave, Dylan, Pat, Simon, Mario, Will, Kev, Bill we're doing the bounce. In the 51st minute. Think about that. 

15 minutes later - Is there a fire drill?

25 minutes later - Seba's on fire, your defence is terrified. I might cry.

1 minute later - Full time, 5-0 all I'm thinking is that I got to experience this amazing moment with 300 TFC supporters, and most importantly my Kings family. My heart is fit to burst. 

I hope this helps explain what the night was for me, and probably a lof of those who were there in the Bronx that night. If you have never been to an away game I highly encourage it. Kings on the Road experiences are beyond just going to the game, it's about travelling with your football family to awesome cities, drinking all their beer and taking their 3 points. 

See you on the road!