A tale from the beginning

Hello everyone, Dave here.

As we, Kings in the North, begin our fourth year together I decided to take a look back at where we started. For me it started on a cold January morning, we had just received close to a foot of snow and I had a flat tire that was minor and easily taken care of before heading into Toronto. What was I heading into Toronto for you may ask? Well I was going to meet up with four complete strangers (it feels strange calling them that now) at football factory to talk about this idea they had to create a new supporters group, the main goal of that group being keeping section 127 a supporters section. Those individuals who I now refer to as friends were: Mike Newell, Dylan Doyl, Michelle Doyl and Tara Allman. I don’t think any of us ever envisioned what was to follow.



We started that season with a handful of us scattered throughout section 127 but it wasn’t long before others, both within and outside of the section, took notice and joined in. What started as a pub inspired idea was really starting to take shape. The results in the stands were the opposite of the results on the field during our first year together and that season provided us a solid base to build from. Our second season in the section was much of the same for us in the stands. We have plenty of great memories including Patrick Patterson coming and joining us during one game and the memorable comeback over Portland right in front of us.


Skipping ahead a little to our second offseason, we faced a major decision. We had grown to 80+ members and the stadium was being renovated. The front office approached us as well as the other SG’s with the proposition to move all of the groups to the southend. We didn’t take the idea lightly and reached out to all our members for feedback. Not everyone liked the idea but the ability to get all of our members in one area together swayed the majority of our group and our move was confirmed to the front office. This offseason also saw another major change within Kings in the North but unless you are very close to leadership we hope you didn’t notice. A change of leadership took place, Mike Newell took a step back and I (Dave) took over as the leader of the group. We made our move into 116, adding several members and the season was underway. The transition wasn’t always smooth and not everyone in 116 was happy we were there, but as the season wore on we were able to change many opinions. The culmination of that season was our first playoff berth and the subsequent celebration after that night against the Red Bulls made a lot of the effort worthwhile.



As I sit here on the eve of training camp opening, writing about what we have been through over the last three year I can’t help but wonder what the next year(s) will bring.


Dave Pinto


Ryan Kennedy