Ain’t nothing like the real thing

Matchdays are special occasions, no matter what the weather or opponent heading to your local football ground to watch your team play is amazing. When you get near the stadium there is a nervous excitement that takes over you; the anticipation of what might happen today, you check you phone for line up news hoping the manager has selected your squad well. Maybe that dangerous striker on the opposing team is out due to injury, today might be a good day for your boys.

You stop off at your pre-game bar to chat with the throngs of like minded people who are all talking about the same thing, all feeling the same excitement you are. You’ve gotten to know a lot of these people personally throughout the years and they, as much as the football make your matchday experiences so enjoyable.

Now you only have 45 minutes before kickoff and you start to make your final journey to your seat in the ground. As you approach the noise gets louder, you can hear chanting inside the stadium, you start humming the beat and the words in your head. You’re ready for kick off now, You’re in your spot, these people who have become friends are standing side by side with you, anthem is done and it’s game time. You go through the twists and turns, the highs and lows that a football match can take you on. Feeling like there’s nowhere else you’d want to be.

There is nothing like being at a live match. As much as T.V and the announcers can make a game interesting, and I’m not belittling what they do. Nothing beats the in person eye test, nothing beats signing your heart out for the 11 guys on the field you call your own. In the majority of cases you’ll go to a match and you’ll be entertained (one way or another) by the product on the field. Then there are moments that you couldn’t imagine not being in the stadium for. Several recent moments come to my mind in no particular order:

Champions League at the Dome:

I know, a bit of an odd choice considering it wasn’t at BMO. However that was a special night, especially going 2-0 up in under 25 minutes. A feat that hadn’t been seen much in these parts back then.


A comeback in the rain:

Most people had fled to relative dryness, and who could blame them when it seem TFC would slump to another loss to Columbus, then enter Andrew Wiedman. It also produced one of Kings favorite pictures. I still don’t know how you got pitch side on the Oso goal Stu.


Tassles for the win!

Terry Fucking Dunfield. Nuff said.


Seba Magic:

On the same night as the bat flip no less. Only time I shed a bit of a tear in BMO.


Add your favorite moments in the comments, and see you at the stadium in May!


Ryan Kennedy